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We received $1,172.31 for our grant Leap into Learning.  We appreciate what you do so much! Thank you! Our students have gained confidence

and enjoy working together to figure out different skills. Our students have improved on benchmarks and weekly assessments. The students LOVE the FROG games and always ask to play them! Thank you for helping our students LOVE to learn! Lora Poteet, 3rd Grade, Griffis Elementary


*Action Heroes*

written by and awarded to Jeremy Coe, 8th grade Digital Media teacher at Caddo Mills Middle School

"This grant allowed for my students to be able to record video from multiple angles, as well as allowing for extreme portability and maneuverability.  I evaluated the success of the project based on my students' level of interest in the new technology. Based on my interactions with the students, I would judge this project/ grant to be a success. I am really looking forward to having the cameras ready to go for the start of the school year next fall."

Ukuleles for Lee Elementary - written by and awarded to Christa Simpson music teacher at Lee Elementary -"The opportunities and benefits have reached multiple grade levels who have had hands­-on experience with the ukuleles. The students learned the cultural history of the instrument, how it is made, and then progressed through various stages of learning to play the instrument. These included open strings, basic notes, and chords. Students are learning a few basic songs already.


"I have had multiple students come up to me after class to tell me thank you for teaching them to play the ukulele. I have also had a number of students bring in guitars and ukuleles from home for me to tune, so that they can play at home."


"Grayson has come home and told me how cool the ukuleles are. He loves the songs they are playing in class and has learned all the chords. The ukulele is such a fun and unusual instrument for these students to have a chance to learn and play."

-Christy Scribner


"Landree Cate has been so excited to learn about the ukulele. We feel so blessed that our children have the opportunity to learn a new instrument that will be the gateway to learning other string instruments. Thank you for providing this experience!!"

-Megan Oakes


The Caddo Mills ISD Education foundation strives to enhance innovative classroom learning which provides a direct benefit not only to students but also to the community. Through my contributions over the years, I have seen my investment work to encourage teachers to develop creative teaching strategies that improve student learning. I strive to Back Our Future with everything I do at Rafter P Construction, and my investment with the Caddo Mills ISD Education Foundation is truly and investment for the future. I believe that you are not truly successful in life until you can pass along your success to your team or to those around you. I have firsthand seen this attainment in the classrooms of Caddo Mills, as well as in my own children’s learning endeavors. I trust that Caddo Mills ISD is providing the best opportunities through classroom grants to students who will be better equipped to enter our local workforce – the local workforce that impacts my business. For this, I will continue to be proud to support the Caddo Mills ISD Education Foundation.

- Brad Pryor, Founder and President of Rafter P Construction

It's amazing what we can do together!

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