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Jennifer McLarry, Executive Director

Brad Pryor, President

Jennifer Rybicki Vice President of Development

Johanna Brewer, Vice President of Administration

Lisa Riley, Treasurer

Gloria Key, Secretary

Evea Gowin

Johana Brewer

Kari Hargrave

Heather Papageorgiou

Daniel Parker

Emily Coe

Jennifer Stout

Kerri Terry

Brenda Williams


Hope Whitlock

Dacy Campbell

Liz Fauss

Rosalyn Kelly

Stephanie King

CMISD Representatives:

Rueben Terry

    School Board Representative

Luke Allison, Secretary

    CMISD Superintendent

Kendra Mosher,

     CMISD Curriculem Director, Elementary

Julie Wiebersch

     CMISD Curriculem Director, Middle/HS

Keri Allen

     CMISD Assistant Superintendant


Executive Director:

Jennifer McLarry




Anne Payne

Deanna Stinebaugh

Jennifer Wright

Emily Coe 




The Caddo Mills ISD Education Foundation:

     - is a 501(c)3 non-profit tax-exempt philanthropic organization of citizens

     - shares a vision of enhancing education in the Caddo Mills schools

     - works to increase private support for educational activities in

       Caddo Mills ISD

     - benefits Caddo Mills ISD students and staff by supporting activities and              programs not funded by tax dollars

     - fosters innovative and creative approaches to education through private                   grants and loans

            - awards Foundation funds through a volunteer Board of Directors made                  up of business, community and educational leaders.


               Our Purpose Statement:

               The Caddo Mills ISD Education Foundation has been created to                           support the educational programs of both students and staff personnel of                CMISD. The Foundation provides funds for educational programs and                 activities and scholarships which have not been funded (or have been                      under-funded) by the normal operating budget. These funds will be used

    to facilitate student achievement and skill development, to recognize and                encourage staff excellence and to expand community involvement from                individuals, businesses, and civic organizations.

We are so thankful for your service and generosity!

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