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We awarded grants totaling $46,969.19

in 2018-2019!!

Sharpen Technology Instead of Pencils - Amberlie Heron

Breaking Out of the Box! - Hope Whitlock

Stem Kits for Stem Kids - Shayna Quick

Building on Physics - Ashley Gusukuma

Growth is never by mere chance - Pam Harris

Demos and Models and Labs Oh My - Kaela Crumpton

The 3 C's - Doc

Keep Calm and Read On - Jennifer Kramer

Explore the Power of Breakout EDU - Michelle Colwell

STEM Bins - Beckie Lindsey

Learning Through Play - Game On - Amber Johnson

Building Momentum for Early Literacy - Amber Johnson

Manipulating Math - Amanda Beene

Clarinet Learning and Sound - Jeremy Wofford

Home Is Where Your Heart's Safe - Shannon Milton

Baggie Book Revival - Kimberly Isham

Technology Teaching 1 on 1 with Chrome - Racheael Hall

Teach a Man to Weld... - Jessica Watkins

Gaining Robotics and Engineering Skills - Orion Casper

Griffis Robofoxes - Colby Smith


Grants Awarded

Thanks to our talented and creative teachers!

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